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I have just opened my zoo. How can I get visitors?

When you have hired your first employees and installed your first animals, the visitors will start coming to your zoo.

There is nothing special you need to do for this: they will start coming when a new day begins, that is after midnight (Paris time, GMT + 1).

How to get more visitors?

The more attractive your zoo, the more visitors it attracts.

Therefore, the more enclosures, animals and shops it has, the more visitors will come.

To get more visitors:
- complete your zoo,
- add animals in your zoo,
- increase your parking lots,
- put your hearts on the parking lots,
- advertise,
- hire and train the best possible employees,
- diminish the ticket price...

Where can I see my visitors number?

Your visitors number of the day is shown on the left, under the zoo map, on the first row of the column "General info".

This value is fixed for the entire duration of ongoing day and changes when a new day starts (after midnight, Paris time GMT +1).

The sign that precedes this value shows the difference in comparison to the previous day.

How can I know if my visitors are satisfied with the price of the entry ticket?

To know this, all you need to do is an audit of your zoo.

This will show you whether the price of the entry ticket is too low to be profitable, if it is well balanced or too high.

How can I change the entry ticket price?

Under your zoo map, in the first column "General Info",
click on "change" in the "Ticket price" section.

Attention: a rather low price will attract more visitors while, a rather high price will have the opposite effect.
Use an audit to check the impact a ticket price will have on the number of visitors in your zoo.

Which is the purpose of an audit?

An audit will help you know the skills of your employees.

Moreover, an audit is a detailed analysis of your zoo:
- price of the entry ticket,
- food quality,
- work results of your employés.

We advise you to regularly audit your zoo in order to know how and where to make improvements.