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Where are the totems?

The Totems are some objects you receive when your animals pass away because of old age. Their spirit is materialized in Totems to help you in your zoo.

These Totems can be used in the MondoStars' enclosures to create Magical Totems.

How can I know the number of Totems I possess?

The arrival of new Totems is announced daily in "My News"".

The daily number of received Totems is also shown under the the map of your zoo, in the column "Info about animals".

Your total number of Totems is shown when you click on the enclosure of a MondoStar.

What are the Magical Totems?

The Magical Totems are created in the enclosures of your MondoStars.

There are 3 types:
- the Longevity Totems, which reduce the age of an animal by 30%,
- the Totems of Happiness, allowing you to use an additional heart for the ongoing day,
- the Fecundity Totems, which increase by 6% the chances of an animal to have newborn during 20 days.

How to create Magical Totems?

To create Magical Totems all you need to do is to click on the enclosure of one of the MondoStars on the map of your zoo.

The pig gives access to the Longevity Totems.
The boa gives access to the Totems of Happiness.
The pelican gives access to the Fecundity Totems.

Choose the Magical Totem you want to create.
Then choose the number of Totems you want to use in order to create it (the price to pay in LOL varies based on the number of used Totems).

And who are the MondoStars?

The MondoStars are unique animals, with quite a character, some very remarkable individuals, in brief... they are divas.

When they come to live in your zoo, you must build their enclosure within 2 days.
If you turn them down, they might come back some day... or not.

Each MondoStar brings its specialty along to your zoo:
- the pig allows you to create longevity totems,
- the boa allows you to create totems of happiness,
- the pelican allows creating fecundity totems.

I don't have a MondoStar in my zoo, how can I get one?

There is no particular action to do for getting a MondoStar in your zoo.

They will arrive one day out of the blue, when your animals are happy, or when the weather is nice, or when some cousins have brought forth newborn...
You have thus more chances of receiving their visit when these conditions are reunited!