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What are the cards for?

The cards are important bonuses that help you in both MondoZoo and MondoVeto games.

Each card corresponds to an animal for which you get the following bonuses:
- each birth brings you an additional animal placed in your nursery (MondoZoo),
- each operation (Diagnostics, Surgery and Therapy) has the benefit of +2% of chance to succeed (MondoVeto).

Moreover, some rare cards bring you bonuses when dealing with the WAF and the Black Market (MondoZoo).

You can combine several identical cards to get additional bonuses (see the 'Cards with stars' section').

Cards with stars

To get an additional bonus for each animal, you can combine your triple cards.

3 combined cards of the same animal will form a card of the same animal with 1 star.
3 cards added to a 1 star card will form a card of the same animal with 2 stars.

To add a star on a card, it is enough to click on the link "Create a star" under the corresponding card.
You must possess 3 identical cards in order to have access to this option.
The maximum value is 3 stars for each card. You cannot add more stars once this maximum value has been reached.

It is not possible to add stars on the WAF and Black Market cards.

Attention: you cannot exchange cards having stars.

How to exchange my cards?

To exchange cards, click on the "Cards Market" tab in the main menu.

You need to be at least level 10 to have access to the market, and minimum level 20 is required to be able to exchange your own cards.

Attention: you cannot exchange cards having stars.

What is the use of the 'Block the card' option?

This option allows blocking the card exchange for the respective card.
Its purpose is to avoid exchanging a card by mistake.