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What is a veterinarian clinic?

You start the game with a veterinarian practice (SOLO game).
Afterwards, you can create a clinic together with other players: maximum 3 players (MULTI-PLAYER game).
The clinic expenses and winnings are shared.
You treat animals in cooperation with your associates.
Being in a clinic allows you to reach 100% in the 3 medical specialties; the solo veterinarian practice will only allow 50% in your main specialty and 25% in the other 2.

How many persons are required to create a veterinarian clinic?

You can do it alone or with maximum 2 other players.
The most economical solution: join an existing clinic or one that is in course of creation.

How to build/ join a veterinarian clinic?

There are 2 types of clinics:
The «classic» veterinarian clinic that costs 245 000 LOL.
The de luxe veterinarian clinic (with all the rooms at level 3) that costs 410 000 LOL.
The price of a clinic can be shared among the associates.
In order to build a clinic, first of all, you must sell your practice from «My Vet Card» page.

Attention: you need to empty your infirmary room in order to sell your practice!

Afterwards, you can build or join a clinic by clicking on the link «Open a veterinarian clinic».

After having hired an associate, where are the LOL originating from this recruitment going?

When you hire an associate in your clinic, the LOL required for him/her to apply are collected in a common pot in the clinic.
This pot is blocked for two weeks to give you time to appraise the new associate.
The LOL can be used afterwards to fill the pharmacy or launch ads.