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What is the "Chance to succeed"?

83% chance to succeed means that you have 83% for a therapy to be successful and 17% to fail.
As long as you don't have 100% of chance to succeed, you will always have a chance to fail with your therapy.

How to increase the chances of a therapy to be successful?

There are 4 possibilities to increase the chances of success:
Choosing the right tool of diagnosis, based on the pathology.
Calling the «Vets Without Borders» for a cost of 750 LOL.
Knowing the complete bonus sequence.
Having the card of the animal you are treating.

Each pathology has an appropriate tool of diagnosis and bonus sequence.
You can see the list of known pathologies in «My Vet Card», along with the history of bonus sequences.

How to discover a bonus sequence?

To discover a bonus sequence, you need to find 5 cards that correspond to each pathology (for surgery and treatment).
For each player, and for each illness, the sequences are different.

After each attempt, you can see the number of correctly placed cards. After several attempts you will be able to reason out the perfect combination.

- You can play one card at a time,
- Participate in the challenge of the day, since it does not consume your Actions. Thereby, you will have a quicker progress in the discovery of the bonus sequences.