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What are the cards?

The cards represent the football players as well as the coach and the doctor of your team.

How are the cards classified?

the cards are classified based on their rarity:

- Common: Green cards with white borders.
- Uncommon: Grey cards with white borders.
- Rare: Black cards with black borders.

There are also single-use cards such as the Action cards, the Bonus cards and the Money cards that are of white colour.

The cards are also classified by type:

- Attacker:
Main skills: Running and Goal Shooting.
Secondary skill: Dribbling.

- Defender :
Main skills: Tackling and Passing.
Secondary skill: Running.

- Midfielder:
Main skills: Passing and Running.
Secondary skills : Dribbling and Tackling.

- Goalkeeper:
Main skills: Preventing the ball from entering the goal.
Secondary skill: Passing.

- Utility player:
The skills of this card allow for assigning several positions within the team.

The type is automatically assigned to the card, but this does not necessarily mean that you must have an attacker play in attack.
You can manually change the position of a card, as you wish. A player is defined by his/her skills and not by his/her automatically assigned type.
There are many examples of defenders that are good attackers, etc.

There are 2 other card types with a slightly particular status:

- Coach:
Main skill: Training points.
This card is used to train your team.

- Doctor:
This card is used to heal your injured players and to reduce their convalescence.

What are the special cards?

There are several types of special cards:

- The Action cards:

They give advantages in a match.
Only one Action can can be used per match. Once it has been used, it will be destroyed.

- The Money cards:

They can be exchanged for GOL, the virtual money of the game.
Once it has been used, the card will be destroyed.

- The Bonus cards:

They give advantages to a player.
Once it has been used, the card will be destroyed..

How do the cards age?

Each card starts the game with a randomly given age.

A card will not age as long as it has not been activated.

A card becomes active from the moment when it becomes part of your 20 selected players (main or junior team).

Each inactive card has a banner in the upper left corner stating 'Inactive'.

Within 2 weeks of real time a card will grow 1 year older.

A player retires when s/he is 38 and, his/her Endurance will start to drop once s/he is 33 years old.

Only the best players will be capable to play more than one match per day without impact on their skills after they are 36 years old.

The coaches and the doctors retire when they are 60 years old.

Once the retirement age is reached, the cards are put in the Museum.

Remember: if some cards of your team retire, you might be left with an incomplete team!

Tip: the bonus card 'Eternal Youth' will diminish the age of a player by 2 years, but at the expense of 1 Endurance point of the player.

Additional tip: a recipe of the Alien Lab allows to bring a card from the Museum back to your file, with an age of 28 years and 4 Endurance points!

How to activate a card?

You can activate a card only by introducing it into a team and saving the team configuration.

From this very moment the card will automatically become active and will start ageing.

An activated card can no longer become inactive, even if it ceases to be part of a team.

Why and how to train the players?

Each card has a training value which indicates the training level of your player.

This value varies from 0 to 3 and drops each day by 2 points.

The coach has a certain number of training points, which can be distributed to the players of your team.

The coach recovers his training points daily.

It is not possible to transfer a player's training points to another player.

Once you have distributed all your training points, you can exchange 1 of your Coach's endurance point against 10% of his training points by clicking on 'Forced Training'.

The coach recovers 1 endurance point per day.

The more you train your player, the more competitive s/he will be:
- A player trained to the maximum (3/3) gets a bonus of 15% in his/her skills.
- An untrained player (0/3) will play with -20% of his/her skills.

How does the Endurance of the cards work?

The cards have an Endurance value that indicates the player's physical condition.

This value diminishes by one point after each match (except when a "Vitamin C" action card is used).

Your players recover some Endurance each day, based on the skills of your doctor.

The Endurance of your players have a direct impact on their skills:
- Endurance = 0: the card loses 10 % of its skills.
- Endurance = - 1: the card loses 25 % of its skills.
- Endurance = - 2: the card loses 40 % of its skills.
- Endurance = - 3: the card loses 55 % of its skills.

How to add a card to my team?

To add or replace a card in your team, from the 'Configuration' page, click on a player or on an empty slot.
This will open a new window with a simplified version of your file.

Next, click on the player you want to add to your team.

Click on the button 'Use this card' to select it.

Click on 'Save' to register your configuration and make your player active.

Note: During the first 14 days of game you can add/ replace as many players as you want.
After this period of 14 days you will only be able to add/ replace one single player per day.

What to do when the maximum endurance score of a card has reached '0'?

If you want to continue using this player, you can recover 1 endurance point with the help of the bonus card 'Tibetan Training'.
Since this card can be used only one time per player, the time bonus you get is ephemeral.
The player will get older and will reach again a '0' endurance. You will then be compelled to take this player out of your team and replace him/her by a more competitive player.

NOTE: Remember to remove the players with '0' maximum endurance from your team in order to avoid paying their salaries.

What can I do to improve the skills of my cards?

Your players' skills are improved as they play matches.
The more matches you play, the greater the chance for some of your players to make progress in a particular skill.
A player cannot win more than one skill point per day.

As a player's skill points get closer to the maximum value, it becomes more difficult to win skill points by playing matches.

REMARK: You can also use the "Alien Experiments" to increase your players' maximum skills.
You can find this option on the "Alien Lab" page, in the "Premium" menu.

How can I sell my cards?

In MondoFoot you cannot sell your players.
You can only exchange them with other persons for GOL / Mondoz / Success Points / other cards.

For more details, see the 'Card Exchange' section of the FAQ.

How to use an Action Card?

You can add an Action Card on one or several matches to influence the result.
These cards can be added either in the general configuration of your team or in the configuration of a particular match.

On the configuration page click on the 'PARAMETERS' button.
A window will open: in the upper right corner click on the slot of the Action Card.
Then click on the Action Card of your choice.
Don't forget that the cards that are marked with a '0' are not available in your collection, which means that you cannot use them.
After having selected an available card, click on the button 'USE THIS CARD'.
Then click on 'SAVE' to save the configuration.

NOTE: If you add an Action Card in the configuration of a match, an Action Card will be used solely for this match.

Whereas, if you add an action Card in the general configuration of your team, this Action Card will be used by default for all your matches until none of these Action Cards are left in your stock.
Therefore, do not forget to remove the Action Card from your general configuration if you don't want to waste your cards.

Once an Action Card has been used, it will disappear from your collection.
This is an irreversible process so, choose carefully the action cards you are using.

What is the meaning of 'Current tiredness'?

The 'Current tiredness' indicator can be seen only during the intermediate periods of a match (half-time, preparation for prolongations and preparation for penalties).

It shows the players' fatigue since the start of the match.

Each player's fatigue depends on the time s/he has played.

The skills of your players will decrease according to their degree of tiredness.

This indicator is very useful to help you determine which changes are to be made in agreement with your game strategy.