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Buying Cards

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How to get new cards?

There are several possibilities of getting cards:

1- The Success Shop: where you can spend the success points won during different competitions.

2 - The Exchange Market: where you can exchange cards with other players (for GOL, success points, Mondoz or some of your cards).

3- The Premium Boutique: where you can buy cards with Mondoz.

4- The Card Market: where you can buy cards with GOL.

What is a Booster?

A Booster is a pack of cards containing different types of cards, depending on the type of Booster.

Booster (10 cards):
- 1 rare card
- 2 uncommon cards
- 1 GOL card (money of the game)
- 2 Action cards
- 4 common cards
- 30% chances of getting a Bonus card

Mega Booster (28 cards):
- 3 rare cards
- 8 uncommon cards
- 3 GOL cards (money of the game)
- 10 Action cards
- 4 common cards
- 40% chance of getting 3 Bonus cards

Action Booster (3 cards):
- 3 Action cards

Bonus Booster (3 cards):
- 3 Bonus cards

How to add new cards to my team?

To add cards to your team, go to the team configuration.

Then click on an empty slot and choose the card you want to add to your team from the file that will open.
Once the card has been chosen, click on the 'Use this card' button.

To confirm the newly added cards, click on 'Save'.
This action will confirm the activation of the card in your team and will pay its salary.

You cannot have more than 20 players in your team: 11 on the field and 9 replacements.
This number includes the injured players and the players with red cards.

Note: You can add to your team as many cards as you want during the first 14 days of game. Afterwards, you will be able to add/ change only one card per day.

Is there any difference between the boosters purchased with Mondoz and the ones purchased with success points?

There is not any difference!

The card calculations are identical in both cases!

You have equal chances of having good cards in both cases.

Therefore, it is up to you to decide as you wish.