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How to manage the red card and the injured players?

An injured player or a player that has received a red card will be eliminated from the next matches for a while.

You need to leave this player in your selection for the injury or the red card to disappear.

If you eliminate this player from your selection s/he will not recover from his/her injury and will keep the red card.

Tip: the bonus card 'Miraculous healing' will instantly cure one of your players.
The bonus card 'Error of Procedure' will instantly invalidate a red card.

How many times can I modify my selection?

You can replace maximum one card per day in your team.
You will therefore need 20 days to replace your entire team.

Note: During the first 2 weeks after you start the game, you can replace as many cards as you wish in your team.

How to change the name of my club?

You can change the name of your club by clicking on the link 'Change the Club Name' in 'My Club' menu.
Don't forget that you can change the name of your club only once.
When it has been changed, the action is irreversible - so choose carefully.
Once the club name has been changed, the link 'Change the Club Name' will disappear from the menu.

NOTE: The name of the junior team cannot be modified.
It has always the form 'My User Name Jr'.

How to replace my coach or my doctor?

To replace your coach, you must go to the "Training" page, in "My Team" menu.
Afterwards, click on the "Replace you coach" button, under the photo of your coach.
Select a coach among those available in the list and then click the button "CHOOSE THIS CARD".

In order to replace your doctor, go to the "Infirmary" page, in "My Team" menu.
Click the "Replace your doctor" button, below your doctor's photo. Select a doctor in the list and then click the "CHOOSE THIS CARD" button.

REMARK: You cannot replace your coach unless s/he has all her/his training and endurance points.
This means you must make this replacement before training your team.
If you have already trained your team for the day, you must wait until the next day to be able to replace your coach.

NOTE: On the version, you can also replace you coach and doctor in the general configuration of your team.

What are the NPC teams?

The NPC teams are artificial teams, created in MondoFoot for the divisions where there are not enough players.
Their names are composed in this way:


CC - Country code
XXXXXX - Number with 6 figures

You can meet more or less NPC teams in MondoFoot, depending on the country where you have chosen to play.
The more players there are in a country, the less NPC teams you will meet.