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Friendly Matches

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What are challenges?

During the entire day, you can challenge another player to play a friendly match with you.
You will find this function in the menu: 'Challenge a team', under 'My Matches'.
You can accept a challenge that has been created by another player or, create your own challenges. You have several available options for this purpose:

Team: you can choose to play the match with your main team or with your junior team.
Date: To schedule the match for the current day or for the next day.
Hour: Choosing the time of the challenge (hour GMT+1). The clock that shows the time is displayed in the upper left corner of the page.
Difference of ELO ranking: You can choose an opponent that is closer to your level by selecting a range of the appropriate Elo rankings.
Status: Public - to challenge any player you want. Private - to meet a friend to whom you will give a password for the match.

Note: you can create a challenge within an interval of 15 minutes from other matches of the day.

The challenges are played like other matches - in 2 halves.Your players lose an endurance point per match and can be injured.