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Alien Lab

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What is the Magic workshop / the Alien Lab?

In the Magic Workshop (the Alien Lab for MondoFoot), you can make different researches with cauldrons.
Each research makes possible getting a new ingredient.
The received ingredients can be used in recipes that bring you gifts/bonuses in the game.

Is the number of researches limited?

Yes. In order to limit abuses and the risk of addiction, we have created the following 2 rules:

- Maximum 20 researches per duration and per day,
- Maximum 120 researches per day.

Why cannot I unblock cauldron number 5?

You need to be a Premium player in order to unblock cauldron number 5.
If you are Premium, then you also have to pay the amount required to unblock this cauldron.

Why is there a button saying 0,2 Mondoz under my cauldrons?

When you have made a research you must wait some time for the cauldron to cool down.
The clock shows you how much time you are left to wait.
If you don't want to lose time then you can use this button to cool the cauldron down immediately.
For a recipe whose duration is less or equal to 24 hours the price is 0,2 Mondoz.
For a recipe whose duration exceeds 24 hours, the price is 0,5 Mondoz.

NOTE: This is just an option and you can ignore it.
Simply wait for the clock to run out and you will be able to start a new research.

What is the difference among the research durations?

In the Magic Workshop (the Alien Lab in MondoFoot), the more researches of long durations you make, the more chances you have to obtain uncommon and rare ingredients.

NOTE: you can see the details of each duration under the cauldrons in the "Table of results".
You will find here the percentage of chance for each type of ingredient (Common, Uncommon, Rare) for the durations that have already been unblocked.
Remember that for the first 5 durations there is also a chance to fail.

Can I choose the ingredients I send to my friends?

No, these ingredients are randomly chosen among the 8 first common ingredients.

How can I send ingredients to my friends on Facebook?

It is very easy to send ingredients to all your friends on Facebook.
They will receive your gift regardless of whether they play or not.

To send an ingredient as a gift, pass the mouse over the image of one of your friends and select 'Send a gift'.
Then, select a list of friends and click on 'Send a MondoZoo request'.
The limit of the maximum number of daily gifts can vary.
When this limit has been reached, you will no longer be able to select friends in the list.
You can send a single gift per person and per day.

NOTE: When you send a gift to a particular friend, the name of this friend will disappear from the list until the next day.

IMPORTANT: The offered ingredients are not withdrawn from your capital of ingredients.
So, it is in your best interest to regularly send gifts to your friends in order for them to do the same.

How many cauldrons are there in the Magic Workshop (Alien Lab for MondoFoot)?

There are 9 cauldrons in the Magic Workshop.
They can be unblocked by the following means:

Cauldrons 2 to 4 - Can be unblocked with LOL/GOL by all the players.
Cauldron 5 - Can be unblocked with LOL/GOL by Premium players.
Cauldrons 6 to 9 - Can be unblocked with Mondoz by Premium players.

What are the prices for additional cauldrons?

Several criteria are taken into account when calculating the price for unblocking different cauldrons.
We wanted this Magic Workshop (the Alien Lab for MondoFoot) to be accessible to all the players: beginners or advanced.
Consequently, we had to find an adequate tariff that would adjust to all the types of players in the game.
An extremely high price would have made the Workshop inaccessible to the new players whereas, a low price would have ruined the satisfaction of unblocking a new cauldron.
Therefore, we have decided to calculate the price for unblocking a cauldron based on your wealth.

- Unblocking cauldron N°2 costs 10% of your wealth.
- Unblocking cauldron N°3 costs 20% of your wealth.
- Unblocking cauldron N°4 costs 30% of your wealth.
- Unblocking cauldron N°5 costs 50% of your wealth (only Premium players).

Thus, after having unblocked all the cauldrons, you will be left with 25% of your initial wealth.
Unblocking an additional cauldron is optional and can be done at any time.
It is not necessary to unblock everything at the same time.
You can also decide not to use the Workshop - all depends on your game strategy.

There are 5 cauldrons (from 5 to 9) only for Premium players, which can be unblocked for the following costs:

- Unblocking cauldron N°5 costs 50% of your wealth.
- Unblocking cauldron N°6 costs 3 Mondoz.
- Unblocking cauldron N°7 costs 4 Mondoz.
- Unblocking cauldron N°8 costs 5 Mondoz.
- Unblocking cauldron N°9 costs 6 Mondoz.

What is the meaning of 'value in Mondoz' when speaking of a recipe?

Some recipes in the Magic Workshop (the Alien Lab for MondoFoot) can be bought with ingredients or with Mondoz.
The usual way of completing a recipe is researching until one gets all the necessary ingredients.
But it is also possible to buy a recipe directly with Mondoz, without waiting.
When you click the 'Transform' button, next to the recipe, you can buy it with your ingredients (by clicking the 'Transform' button) or with Mondoz (by clicking on 'Buy').

How to unblock the longer researches?

You start the game with researches of '15 Minutes' only.
In order to unblock the following duration, you must effectuate 20 researches of the preceding duration.
This means you must make 20 researches of '15 minutes' to unblock the researches of '30 minutes'.