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Map of the Zoo

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What is the zoo map?

The zoo map allows to get to the different zones of your zoo:
- the Mini-Farm,
- the African Savannah,
- the Amazonian Jungle,
- the shops,
- the administrative buildings,
- the Svetas' tree,
- as well as to all the other small zones that decorate your zoo.

How to go back to the zoo map?

On the Home page you can see the map of your zoo as well as all the general info, the info related to animals and shops...

To go back to the zoo map, click on the Home page or on the MondoZoo logo.

Why are there locks on the zoo map?

To ensure that the beginning of the game is as effective as possible, some purchases cannot be made immediately.

Thus the locks represent the non-priority constructions.

The numbers indicate the required level to be reached in order to be able to unlock the purchase.

You only need to increase the level of your zoo to have access to all the zoo buildings.